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About GRF Test Prep

Since 1981, GRF has been preparing students to take the NYC Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). 


Comprehensive Curriculum & Proven Techniques

With over 40 years of experience in SHSAT preparation, GRF Test Prep offers a thorough and well-rounded curriculum that covers all types of ELA and Mathematics questions that are tested on the exam. Our course not only reviews essential content but also teaches effective test-taking strategies that have been proven to help students achieve higher scores.

Targeted Practice Questions

GRF teaches and reviews all of the types of ELA and Mathematics questions that are tested on the SHSAT. Our homework assignments always include questions similar to questions tested on previous SHSATs. We provide our students with four complete practice exams that will be completed at home. In addition, we administer a 5th complete practice exam that is taken in class under test conditions during session 9 of our course.

Boosted Confidence & Performance

Our course is structured to help build 

confidence in our students. Students find our strategies for time management on the SHSAT to be very helpful. By the end of the ten sessions, our students feel prepared and ready to take the SHSAT.

"All three of my sons have taken GRF test prep classes for the SHSAT. All three of them were admitted to specialized high schools. I was very impressed with how well GRF prepared them for an exam which has changed substantially over those five years, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend the fall course to anyone."

Geoff R.
New York, NY

"My son attended GRF test prep for the weeks leading up to the SHSAT and it was a fantastic experience, the mock tests, the strategies, the homework - everything was so well designed and executed. I watched as my son's confidence grew as he saw his results increase. I really think it was this class that made the difference and raised his score to be accepted at his top choice of High School."

Aideen K.
Brooklyn, NY

"The teachers at GRF test prep did a wonderful job.  My daughter got into her first choice high school!!   She felt very prepared on the day of the test and knew just what to expect.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into a specialized high school!"

Emily Y.
Bronx, NY

Adult Students


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​phone: (201) 981 - 9046

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